HMS Lamerton

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HMS Lamerton a Hunt Class Type II Escort Destroyer. Web page dedicated to HMS Lamerton and the history of the ship with a message board attached for naval enthusiasts. HMS Lamerton was built by Swan Hunter and was launched on 14th December 1940. After the war HMS Lamerton was sold to the Indian Navy in 1953, renamed Gomati.

Displacement: 1050tons standard, 1600 Tons deep load. Speed 27 knots. Armament: six  4 -inch guns in pairs. Four 2 pdr pompom.  Compliment 168.


Photos of HMS Lamerton which my granddad served on in 1942 showing my Grandfather and other members of the crew and some photos we found that look like them taking prisoners of war, and also of the damage caused to the Lamerton at some time and when it was in for repair. We would like to thank Tracy Bolden for supplying these photographs.