HMS Dido

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History of  Royal Navy cruiser HMS Dido. Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the Dido Class cruiser HMS Dido, including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for HMS Dido.

HMS Dido (Light Cruiser) built by Cammell Laird and laid down 20th October 1937 was launched on 18th July 1939, and commissioned into the Royal navy on 30th September 1940. Served with the home Fleet 1940 - 1941, then moved to the Mediterranean ,  she took part in the evacuation of troops and defense of Crete, where she was damaged on B gun, killing 46 men. HMS Dido took part in the second Battle of Sirte during 1942, she sank three supply ships off North Africa. She also took part in the Anzio landings and the invasion of Southern France in August 1944. then returned to the Home Fleet end of 1944 till the end of the war. Due  to being to  cramped and not  very stable HMS Dido along with the rest of the class were not modified and finally broken up on the 16th July 1958 at Barrow


Displacement: 5,450 tons   Speed: 33kts    Complement: 530 (556 as a Flagship)

Armament: Ten 5.25 inch de-perming guns in pairs. Eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in fours as well as eight 0.5 inch machine guns in fours.   Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in threes.

HMS Dido 18th July 1939 Broken up  16th July 1958. at Barrow

Photograph of Ronald Kitchen Overend and Charles Hooton on board HMS Dido in 1941.  The photograph was taken in Alexandria.  The aircraft carrier in the background is HMS Formidable (thanks to George Underwood). 

HMS Dido at anchor somewhere in Scotland.

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