HMS Cleopatra

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History of  Royal Navy cruiser HMS Cleopatra. Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the Dido Class cruiser HMS Cleopatra, including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for HMS Cleopatra.


Displacement: 5,450 tons   Speed: 33kts    Complement: 530 (556 as a Flagship)

Armament: Ten 5.25 inch de-perming guns in pairs. Eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in fours as well as eight 0.5 inch machine guns in fours.   Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in threes.

HMS Cleopatra 27th March 1940 Broken up 1958.

HMS Cleopatra.

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HMS Cleopatra at anchor possibly in Scotland.

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HMS Cleopatra.

Photograph of the "Cleo" in the Mediterranean in 1942. Sent in by Barry Neil whose father , Robert Neil ,now deceased served on the Cleopatra and  the Warspite during WW2 as a decoder

HMS Cleopatra illuminated in Malta harbour about 1953.  Thanks to Nick Carter for the photo.

HMS Cleopatra on passage from Suez to Malta, December 1952 battling some heavy seas.  Thanks to Nick Carter for the photo.

Sydney Wheeler of HMS Cleopatra.

Sydney was killed in action somewhere off Malta in June 1942.  Contributed by his cousin, Lester wheeler. (see message board for more)