HMS Cambrian

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HMS Cambrian

HMS Cambrian. was built at Pembroke Dockyard and launched 30th January 1893. served in the Australian station  just after the turn of the century and re commissioned at Colombo in October 1907. again in September 1909 and in 1911 on the 19th September, becoming flagship in 1913. At the beginning of 1914 she was to be paid of back in the UK, but with the outbreak of war she was  reinstated and went to refit to become a training ship at Devonport for Stokers in March 1916. renamed HMS Harlech. finally scrapped in 1923

Displacement: 4,360 tons.    I.H.P: 7,500    Length: 320 feet.    Beam: 49 ft 6 ins.   Depth: 19 ft.    Speed: 18 - 19.5 knots.     Complement: 318.   Armament: Two 6 in quick firing guns, eight 4.7 in quick firing guns, ten 6 pdr quick firers, one 3pdr quick firer and four 18 in torpedo tubes.

HMS Cambrian 

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HMS Cambrian

HMS Cambrian. 

My grandfather,Arthur Clark, served as an ERA on Cambrian during WW1,two photos attached.   Cambrian was on the Iceland patrol,so photo is probably somwhere between Scapa & Iceland !!     Dave Clark

HMS Cambrian, on Iceland patrol.

Thanks to Dave Clark for these photos.

Arthur Clark, see above message

The Steering wheel of HMS Cambrian

Small Arm Companies - HMS Cambrian, 1897.

Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg, with officers of HMS Cambrian

Captain R K McAlpine and the officers of HMS Cambrian who were transferred to HMS Hyacinth shortly after this photograph was taken c.1900.