HMS Berwick

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HMS Berwick  Built by Fairfield Laid down 15th September 1924, Launched 30th March 1926 and completed 15th February 1928. HMS Berwick was reconstructed in 1935 and 1939 with a 4.5 inch cemented armour belt being increased for 6 feet below the waterline. a a 4-inch internal armour was added to the fan compartments to the boiler rooms. during reconstruction the ship also has its 2 pdr pompoms replaced by 2 octuples pompoms.  HMS Berwick served in the home Fleet 1939 to 1945.  Involved in incident with Admiral Hipper where HMS Berwick received a hit from a 8 - inch Shell , luckily it was deflected away form the magazine due to the 4inch magazine armour and the 4.5 inch Belt armour.  Although earlier in a incident with Italian Cruisers she did get a hit from an 8 inch shell which put a turret out of action. She was finally scrapped at Blyth on the 12th July 1948.


Displacement:  9,750 tons    Speed: 31.5kt    Complement: 679 increasing to 710 as Flagship.

Armament: Eight 8 inch guns in pairs. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs plus eight 0.5 machine guns in pairs.   Sixteen 21 inch torpedo tubes. 4 aircraft on Berwick

HMS Berwick 30th March 1926 Sold and broken up 1948.

HMS Berwick, December 1938.

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The following photos (grey background) were con tributed by Sandra Meacock, whose father, Eric Buss, was a Royal Marine on HMS Berwick until 1944.

HMS Berwick.

HMS Berwick, Bermuda, 1939.

HMS Berwick, Bermuda, 1939.

HMS Berwick, Bermuda, 1939.

HMS Berwick at Newfoundland, 1939.

Marine Guard, Newfoundland, 1939.

Senior Officers of HMS Berwick being introduced to the King and Queen.

HMS Berwick, Dominion Day, Montreal, 1939.

HMS Berwick lit up in preparation for New York.

HMS Berwick in the Suez Canal on her way to Australia c.1944/45. Sent in by Dr F Cope.

Photos of some crew members of HMS Berwick, my father is the 
one on the far right

Image provided by Mark Thomson

HMS Berwick - image provided by Mark Thomson.

A view from HMS Berwick over the wing of the cruiser's aircraft at an unknown port.

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HMS  Berwick  photographed 1926 - 1927 off Gourock

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Father of Leslie Craven, a Royal Marine from HMS Berwick.

My Grandfather served on the Berwick just prior to the war and during, he was Chief Petty Officer.   Pictures attached are of the Berwick in dry dock in Singapore around 1939.  Also pictures of a menu from the Petty Offices dinner in Hong Kong.    And picture of my Grandfather with his trainees in Hong Kong in 1939.  Thanks to Richard for supplying these photographs.

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