HMS Arrogant

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 HMS Arrogant 2nd Class Cruiser

HMS Arrogant   was built at Devonport Dock yard and laid down in 1895, launched 26th May 1896 and completed in 1898. HMS Arrogant was built as part of the 1895 Naval programme  and were intended to be used with the fleet and to use "ramming tactics during action. Their ram was heavier and more pronounced than other second rate cruisers.  The arrogant Class were the first second rate cruisers to be fitted with water tube boilers,  with six Belleville boilers mounted in each of the three Boiler rooms.  In 1903 to 1904 the class were re armed with ten 6 -inch Guns.  She joined the Channel squadron on completion. and in June 1911 she became a depot ship and eventually sold for scrapping on 13th November 1923

Displacement: 5750 tons, Speed: 19 Knots.  Compliment 480  Armament: Four 6 inch Guns,  Six 4.7-inch QF guns , Eight 12 pdr  and Three 3 pdr QF, 5 machine Guns.  Three 18-inch Torpedo Tubes 

HMS Arrogant - Name History

The ninth ?Arrogant? is a 10-gun twin-screw cruiser, launched at Devonport in 1896.  She is of 5750 tons and 10,000 horsepower.  Her length, beam, and draught were 355ft, 56ft, and 21ft.  For some years this vessel has acted as a depot ship for submarine boats.

HMS Arrogant after her completion in 1898.

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HMS Arrogant. Photo of 1898 while serving in the Channel squadron

HMS Arrogant.

The Officers of HMS Arrogant. Photo of 1898.

The Crew of HMS Arrogant. Photo of 1898.