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Hamidieh a battleship of the Turkish Navy was launched in January 1885 at Constantinople. Originally called Nusretiye she was renamed in 1881. Hamidieh was scrapped in 1910 before the war started and so never really saw any action.

A Gun Crew on board the Turkish battleship, Hamidieh. A party of men under a sub-lieutenant are engaged in handling the 6 in Krupp gun. The captain of the gun crew, a petty officer, can be recognised by the badge on his arm.

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The company of the Hamidieh at drill in 1897. They are engaged in boat-hoisting with hand gear. The officer on the bridge is Captain Rassim Bey, the second in command is Rifat Bey. The ship is at the Golden Horn and the hill seen behind was known as Kasim Pasha.

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