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HMS Formidable the Illustrious class Aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, Built by Harland and Wolff, and launched 17th August 1939 and commissioned 24th November 1940, When she joined the Navy she replaced HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean in early 1941.One of her aircraft torpedoed and damaged the  Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto  on the 28tjh march 1941. her aircraft also contributed to the destruction of three Italian Cruisers the following day during the Battle of Matapan. by torpedoing the Cruiser Pola with a torpedo allowing the British Battleships to finish her off. On the 26th may 1941  HMS Formidable was damaged by two 1,000 KG bombs due to this damage she was out of action for 6 months. She continued in service in the Mediterranean until  joining the Home fleet at the end of  1944. after which she joined the Far East fleet in 1945. In May 1945 she was hit by a Kamikaze nut not seriously damaged. After the war she was placed in the reserve fleet in 1947 finally being sold in 1953 and scrapped in November 1956 at Inverkeithing

Displacement: 23,000 tons,       Speed: 30.5 knots,       Range: 11,000 nautical miles at 14 knots. 

The launch of HMS Formidable, August 1939.

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HMS Formidable, April 1950.

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HMS Formidable, 1940.

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HMS Formidable, May 1948.

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HMS Formidable. 

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The photographs below (grey background) have been contributed to our site by Sandra Meacock, whose late father served on Formidable from 1944 - 1946.

HMS Formidable after victory in Japan.

HMS Formidable at Malta.

HMS Formidable at Portsmouth, 1946.

HMS Formidable at Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.

HMS Formidable passing Sydney Harbour Bridge.

HMS Formidable.

HMS Formidable at Captain Cook Dry Dock, Garden Island, Sydney.

HMS Formidable, returning from Leyte.

HMS Formidable arrives in Sydney Harbour for the first time.

HMS Formidable after the Kamikaze attack.

The damage caused by the Kamikaze attack.

Aircraft on fire on HMS Formidable.

The remains of the Kamikaze aircraft which attacked HMS Formidable.

Damage to the 'island' on HMS Formidable.

Removing the remains of a damaged aircraft on HMS Formidable.

Remains of a Corsair on HMS Formidable.

The aftermath of a bomb in the engine room of HMS Formidable

Clearing up the flight deck of HMS Formidable - 9 killed, 40 injured.

HMS Formidable in the Suez Canal.

An Avenger taking off from HMS Formidable.

Corsairs on HMS Formidable.

Dancing in the Hanger.

Church service on HMS Formidable.

Church service on HMS Formidable.

Captain Ruck Keene of HMS Formidable.

The father of the contributor, from HMS Formidable.

Crossing the Line, 1945.

Crossing the Line, 1945.

Admiral's Bridge on HMS Formidable, before the ship was broken up.

Deck Hockey on HMS Formidable.

A dance on the flight deck, 1945.

Dancing in the hangar of HMS Formidable, 1945.

Commander D.M. Fuller RN.  Christmas on HMS Formidable.

VADs Crossing the Line.  Sgt Lang and Sgt Pearce, 1946.

Australian POWs coming aboard at Manila, 1946.

POWs arrive in the hangar, from Manila.

Horace Dickinson with the rest of HMS Formidable pom pom crew.

Contributed by daughter of Horace, Gail Vlachakis.

HMS Formidable.

Contributed by Gail Vlachakis.

Horace Dickinson, crew member of HMS Formidable.

Contributed by daughter of Horace, Gail Vlachakis.