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The d'Entrecasteaux was one of the finest French first-class cruisers, being laid down on June 28th 1894 at La Seyne and launched nearly two years later. ( building costs ?667,000 or 16,693,000 francs0  had been struck for active service before world war one and had been reduced to a hulk. . Lent to Belgium in 1922 as a hulk. and was returned to France in `1926 when the  Belgium navy was reduced in size. She was sold to Poland for scrap value on 7th march 1927. and was towed to Gdynia under the name of Krol Wladyslaw IV being again renamed in 1930 as Baltyk. again serving as a hulk. she was broken up by the German during world war two around 1942.

Built of steel, sheathed and coppered, her displacement was 8,114 tons, but while her IHP was 13,500, and her estimated speed was 19.5 knots, at her trials the highest speed obtained was 19.2 knots. Her length was 393 ft 6ins, her beam was 58 ft 6 ins and her mean draught was 23 ft 7 ins. She was well but lightly protected, her turret armour being 9.8 ins thick. Her armament consisted of two 9.4 breech-loaders, electrically maneuvered in fore and aft turrets, twelve 5.5 ins quick firers, six 1 pdr maxims and six torpedo tubes (two submerged).

D'Entrecasteaux  June  1896 Presented to Belgium 1922 and returned to France in 1926 when the belgium navy was reduced. 


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The Armoured Cruiser D'Entrecasteaux in 1902

D'entrecasteaux c.1898