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Chateaurenault French first class cruiser.   History and photographs of the French protected cruiser Chateaurenault,  built at Le Seyne at a cost of 19,302,000 francs  (?606,000)  Chateaurenault was laid down in may 1896, launched in 1898. and completed in 1902.  At the outbreak of world war one she served with the 2nd Light cruiser squadron until 1915 in the Mediterranean fleet. except during February 196 when in search of the German raider Mowe she went to the south Atlantic.  she was torpedoed and sunk off Cephalonia by two torpedoes form UC38. luckily with very few losses. she was at the time carrying troops. ( UC38 was sunk soon after by French Destroyer Lansuenet )

Displacement:  7898 tons.  Speed: 24 knots, Compliment: 604  crew.  Armament: Two 6.4-inch Guns  Quick Firing M1893.  Six 5.5 -inch Guns, Quick Firing M1893  Ten 3 pounder  and  Five 1 pounder     

Chateaurenault May 1898 Sunk by UC38 between Corfu and Taranto 14th December 1917 with very few crew

Launch of the First Class Cruiser "Chateaurenault" at Toulon, 1898

Chateaurenault. circa 1902

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