Aircraft Carriers

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Photographs and history of Canadian aircraft carriers, including Warrior, Magnificent and Bonaventure. Message boards for ex-crew and relatives of crew of each ship.  

Ships Name Launch Date Fate


Warrior (ex-Brave) 20th May 1944 Returned to Royal Navy 1948

ex British Majestic Class 

CVL21 Magnificent (ex Majestic) Acquired 21st May 1948 Returned to Royal Navy 1957

HMCS Magnificent.   Submitted by Carl Proctor.

CVL22 Bonaventure (ex Powerful) Acquired 17th January 1957 Broken Up 1971

HMCS Bonaventure, transferred to Canadian Navy in 1952 from the Royal Navy.  Previous name was HMS Powerful, a Majestic Class carrier.  Built by Harland & Wolff, launched 27th February 1945.  Transferred in 1952 and completed 17th January 1957.  Was paid off April 1970 and scrapped 1971.