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Escort Destroyers acquired from the Brazilian Navy at the outbreak of war include HMS Hardy, HMS Havant, HMS Havelock, HMS Hearty, HMS Highlander, HMS Hurricane.

HMS Handy  H.19  29th September 1939 Became HMS Harvester 1940 lost 11th march 1943 sunk by U-432, north Atlantic
HMS Havant   H.32  17th July 1939 Sunk 1st June 1940 in the Western Approaches
HMS Havelock  H.88  16th October 1939  Scrapped at Inverkeithing 31st October 1946
HMS Hearty  H.57 (later Hesperus)  1st August 1939 Became HMS Hesperus in 1940 and scrapped at Grangemouth 26th November 1946
HMS Highlander  H.44  17th October 1939 Scrapped at Rosyth August 1947
HMS Hurricane    H.06  29th September 1939 sunk 24th December 1943 by U-415 north of the Azores
HMS Inconstant  H.49 24th February 1941 became Turkish Muavenet in March 1946
HMS Ithuriel    H.05 15th December 1940 Damaged beyond repair after being bombed by German Aircraft at Bone harbour finally  scrapped at Bo Ness November 1946

HMS Havelock

HMS Havelock.  Sent in by Laurence Batchelor (see message board)

Below is an email message we received regarding HMS Havelock. If you can help, use the "contact here" link, or contact us direct.

The attached photos are, I believe, of the HMS Havelock.  They are 2 of 36 similar photos found in my late uncle's effects.  Unfortunately, none are dated or identified and all appear to be from at least three different film strips or developing/printing processes.  My uncle was a U.S. Navy doctor, stationed aboard the AD-15 Prairie, a U.S. destroyer tender.  The ship's log indicates the Prairie "participated" in the sinking and crew rescue of the U-606, 22 Feb. 1943.  With that information, I have always assumed all the photos were his (he was a camera "bug") and of that particular action.  After researching discernable ship numbers, I have begun to doubt that assumption.  Some of the photos now appear to have been taken from different ships - as a tender, the Prairie had a high main deck (compared to destroyers and corvettes) and probably did not have depth charge racks on the fantail.  One photo appears to be from a corvette pilot deck(?), looking forward past the distinctly "squared" turret of those vessels (M 207 & a second, with B5 on the stack, appear in the photos).  Another photo depicts a vessel very similar to the H 88, but the number appears to be H 78.  Some very minor, but apparent, differences lead to this belief.  About 300 yards off the bow of this vessel, there appears the conning tower and deck gun (awash) of a U-Boat.  Note in the full photo of H 88, a boat is alongside (between the stacks) with lines to the davits.  In the partial photo, in the lower center, there is a man with a life jacket, apparently standing in a boat, wearing a white shirt and white cap - usually reserved only for the U-Boat commander.  Again, this lead me to believe the photos depicted the U-606, but its commander did not survive the sinking. Other photos depict ships in a convoy (incl. a large passenger liner), ship-to-ship refueling or personnel transfer, depth charge explosions, a PBY and a blimp, and U-Boat prisoners debarking in what I believe is Argentia.  So, here I am, wondering what I have and hoping to find some answers.  Perhaps some site visitors will recognize the ships/action and can help me determine dates, ships, etc.
Charlie Henry  Contact Here 

HMS Havelock. Image courtesy of family of Capt Charles Rea Longenecker, USN Medical Corp. (Ret.)

HMS Havelock. Image courtesy of family of Capt Charles Rea Longenecker, USN Medical Corp. (Ret.)

HMS Hearty or Hesperus

HMS Hesperus was launched on 1st August 1939 and was broken up in 1946.

HMS Highlander

HMS Highlander in for repairs in Newfoundland after hitting an iceberg.  Thanks to Richard Reid for photograph and info.

HMS Highlander taken after she left Liverpool to join in convoy duties in 1941. Photograph courtesy of Graeme Orchard

HMS Hurricane

My Dad served as a signalman on HMS Hurricane during 1943 this picture was taken on 24th December 1943 from the rescue ship.  (anon)