USS Arizona

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American battleship histories. American naval battleship USS Arizona. Battleship website dedicated to the history of USS Arizona from launch to participation in major wars also notice board for naval historians & Naval Enthusiasts Of the great American Battleship  USS Arizona.

Photograph sent in by John Faulkner

USS Arizona. BB39, Built by New York navy Yard and laid down on the 16th march 1914, and launched 19th June 1915 commissioned into the US navy 17th October 1916, she was originally promised to the Royal navies Grand fleet's 6th battle squadron as reinforcements but arrived at Scapa flow after the armistice.  On May19th 1919, she landed US marines to guard the US Consulate at Constantinople during the Greek occupation of  of the City.  She was refitted ion the 15th July 1929  until 1st February 1931.    On December 7th 1941, The USS Arizona was sunk by Japanese Carrier aircraft. a total of 1,177 crew members lost their lives. The ship broke in two. and remains at Pearl harbor as a memorial to those who lost their lives.


Displacement: 31,400 tons normal,  and 32,560 tons full load.   Compliment: 915, Spped 21 knots, Range 8,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.   Armament: Twelve 14 - inch Guns in four turrets.  Twenty two 5 - inch  guns  and Four  3 inch guns  two 21-inch Torpedo Tubes submerged.

Information after refit.

Displacement: 33,125 tons standard  36,500 tons full load.  Compliment: 1,400  speed: 21 knots,  Range 19,000 nautical miles at 10 knots,  Armament:  Twelve 14 - inch guns,  Twelve 5 - inch guns   and Eight 5 - inch AA guns   Right 1,1 inch AA