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Navy List 1908 Other Lists - Crew Lists 

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1908 Navy List Crew lists including lists of Royal Navy Torpedo Boat Officers, Fleet Auxiliary Vessels, hulks, tugs and vessels for sale.
List of Torpedo Boats in Commission and in Commission with nucleus crews with their Officers and present stations.
No 6 (Home Fleet, Tender to Blake)
Lieut & Com George F. Hyde  
Ch Artif Eng Edward H. Williams  
No 7 (Home Fleet, Tender to Blake)
Lieut & Com Dashwood F. Moir  
Ch Artif Eng Eugene P. M. Baker  
No 8 (Home Fleet, Tender to Blake)
Lieut & Com Bruce L. Owen  
Ch Artif Eng William E. Marshall  
No 9 (Home Fleet, Tender to Blake)
Lieut & Com Henry P. Boyd  
Chf Artif Eng David Ritson  
No 10 (Home Fleet, Tender to Blake)
Lieut & Com Robert H. Downes  
Artif Eng John F. Watts  
No 053 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Clive Phillipps-Wolley  
No 054 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Edward C. Watson  
No 065 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Geoffrey e. Ridgeway  
No 066 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Frederick P. Champion de Crespigny  
No 067 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Clement R. Dane  
No 068 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com De Courcy W. P. Ireland  
No 071 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Godfray B. Cargill  
Gunner John Bettison  
No 072 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Laurence R. Palmer  
Gunner Alfred E. Walkem  
No 073 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Henry P. Hughes  
No 074 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com John P. Gibbs  
No 076 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Henry V. Hudson  
No 077 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Thomas J. Linberry  
No 078 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Owen C. Hare  
No 079 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Aylmer N. G. Firebrace  
No 111 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com William G. A. Shuttleworth  
N 112 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Philip G. Wodehouse  
Artif Eng George T. Hales  
No 113 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Alexander H. Gye  
Artif Eng Charles B. Smith  
No 114 (Tender to Acteon)
Commander Arthur B. F. Dawson  
Gunner Arthur Brown  
Artif Eng William H. Southwell  
No 115 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Ennis T. R. Chambers  
Ch Artif Eng Henry T. Watson  
Boatswain Joseph C. Davies  
No 117 (Tender to Acteon)
Lieut & Com Nrman H. Carter  
Gunner Ernest Roper  
Artif Eng George A. Thomas  

No 1 (Home Fleet, Tender to Hecla)

Lieut & Com Geoffrey P. Russell  
Artif Eng George Brown  
No 2 (Home Fleet, Tender to Hecla)
Lieut & Com Sydney L. K. Lawford  
Artif Eng James Stevens  

No 3 (Home Fleet, Tender to Hecla)

Lieut & Com Percy J. Helyar  
Ch Artif Eng Christopher I. Brooks  
No 4 (Home Fleet, Tender to Hecla)
Lieut & Com Gordon A. Coles  
Gunner William J. Newton  
Artif Eng John A. Costigan  
No 5 (Home Fleet, Tender to Hecla)
Lieut & Com James F. Dewar  
Artif Eng James P. blair  
No 025 (Tender to Vernon)
Sub Lieut in Command George A. Saltren-Willett  
Boatswain George H. Kelsey  
No 26 (Tender to Mercury)
Sub Lieut in Command Philip A. Warre  
Gunner Walter L. Caple  
No 27 (Tender to Racer)
Gunner in Command Robert Chapman  
No 033 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Edgar C. Cookson  
Gunner Harry Usmar  
No 034 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Conyngham C. Denison  
Gunner Henry A. G. Page  
No 041 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com William M. M. Robinson  
Boatswain George Kedge  
No 042 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Clive N. Rolfe  
No 045 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Kenneth B. M. Churchill  
No 049 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com James L. C. Clark  
Gunner Francis A. G. Oakley  
No 050 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Herbert A. Forster  
No 051 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Wilfrid G. H. Cree  
No 052 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Reginald C. Richardson  
Gunner Alfred Turton  
No 055 (Tender of Vernon)
Lieut & Com Ronald M. Fraser  
No 057 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Claude L. Bate  
Ch Boatswain Jeremish McCarthy  

No 058 (Tender to Victory)

Lieut & Com Ralph Leatham  
No 059 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Francis L. Back  
No 101 (Tender to Victory)
Lieut & Com Alfred G. Peace  
No 109 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Austin C. Ackland  
Gunner Ernest E. Lowe  
Artif Eng William Hebbes  
No 110 (Tender to Vernon)
Lieut & Com Alexander S Douglas  
Gunner Walter A. Austin  
Ch Artif Eng James D. Gardiner  
No 116 (Tender to Victory)
Commander Herbert N. Garnett  
Gunner William J. Newbury  
Artif Eng Frederick W. Johnson  
No 11 (Home Fleet, Tender to Leander)
Lieut & Com Thomas J. S. Lyne  
Ch Artif Eng Samuel Hill  
No 12 (Home Fleet, Tender to Leander)
Lieut & Com Kennedy G. Brooke  
Ch Artif Eng William H. Edwards  
No 80 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Eric C. Ward  
No 81 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Charles R. Samson  
Artif Eng Edward Cox  
No 82 (Tender to Defiance)
Lieut & Com Frank G. Bramble  
Gunner Ernest G. Hooper  
No 85 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Cecil M. Queripel  
No 86 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Ralph W. Wilkinson  
No 83 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command Arthur G. Harrington  
No 88 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command Charles B. Stiven  
No 89 (Tender to Cormorant
Gunner Thomas Jackman  
No 90 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command Charles Routley  
No 91 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command Walter Mason  
No 87 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Thomas C. Wilsone  
No 98 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Gordon R. Bald  
Gunner Edward Turner  
Artif Eng Owen G. Smale  
No 104 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Arthur G. Onslow  
No 105 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com Hon. Guy Stopford  
No 106 (Tender to Vivid)
Lieut & Com George O. Hewett  
No 107 (Tender to Vivid)
Commander Charles W. G. Crawford  
Boatswain Frederick W. Long  
Artif Eng James H. Wilson  
No 108 (Tender to Defiance)
Lieut & Com Edmond A. T. de P. de la Poer  
Gunner John J. Dixon  
Artif Eng William S. L. Collins  
No 92 (Tender to cormorant)
Lieut & Com Neston W. Diggle  
Gunner John W. Thorn  
No 93 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command Charles H. Beever  
No 94 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner William R. Griffiths  
No 95 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command John Hayes  
No 96 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command James Ore  
No 97 (Tender to Cormorant)
Gunner in Command John A. Daniels  
List of Fleet Auxiliaries, also of small steam vessels, tugs ect, Employed on Harbour Service
Adder, Special Service Vessel - Employed in laying Moorings at Dover.
Adelaide, Special Service Vessel - Employed by Naval Ordnance Department.
Advice, Tug - Based at Chatham
Aetna, Tug - Based in Devonport
Aid, Tank Vessel - Based in Gosport
Alligator, Twin Screw Tug and Tank Vessel - Based at Pembroke Dock
Asp, Tug - Based at Sheerness
Assurance, Twin Screw Tug - Based at Devonport
Beaver, Special Service Vessel - Based at Devonport
Bee - Based at Deptford
Bison, Steam Store Vessel - Based at Sheerness
Biter, Twin Screw Special Service Vessel - Attached to Actoeon.
Blossom, Tank Vessel - Based at Gibraltar.
Bouncer, Twin Screw special Service Vessel - Attached to Thames.
Bustler, Tug - Based at Gibraltar.
Camel, Tug - Based at Portsmouth.
Carron, Tug - Based at Chatham
Cherub, Tank Vessel - Based at Hong Kong
Chester, Tank Vessel - Based at Malta
Chub, Tank Vessel - Based at Cape of Good Hope
Clinker, Tank Vessel - Based at Sheerness
Cockatrice, Special Service Vessel - Employed at new torpedo range and factory.
Confiance, Twin Screw Tug - Attached to Defiance
Cracker, Tug - Based at Malta
Crocodile, Twin Screw Tug - Based at Gibraltar
Creole, Tank Vessel - Based at Bermuda
Crocus, Tug and Cargo Boat - Based at Portsmouth
Despatch, Tank and Provision Vessel - Based at devonport
Diligence, Tug - Based at Gibraltar
Diligent, Tug - Based at Sheerness
Dromedary, Tug - Based at Portsmouth
Echo, Tank Vessel - Based at Gibraltar 
Edith, Tug - Based at Malta
Elephant, Tug and Cargo Boat - Employed by Naval Ordnance Store Department
Elfin, Special Service Vessel - Tender to Thames 
Elizabeth, Tank Vessel - Based at Portsmouth
Emily, Tug - Was based at Malta
Energetic, Tug - Based at Gibraltar
Enterprise, Twin Screw Tug - Based at Portsmouth
Escort, Tug - Based at Devonport
Esk, special Service Vessel - Employed in Towing Water Lighters
Faithful, Tank Vessel - Temporarily at Gosport
Firebrand, Special Service Vessel - Tender to Wildfire
Flamer, Store Ship - Employed by Naval Ordnance Store Department
Gazelle, Tug - employed by Director of Works Department
Gleaner, Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Excellent' for Spithead and Target Work
Grappler, Tug - Building at Chatham
Grinder, Tug - Based at Sheerness
Growler, Twin Screw Store - Employed by Naval Store Department
Helpful, Tank Vessel - Based at Malta
Heron, Special Service Vessel - Attached to Defiance
Hesper, Tug and Tank - Based at Wei-Hai-Wei
Industrious, Tug - Based at Devonport
Industry, Store Ship - Based at Portsmouth

Isla, Petrol Carrying Vessel.

Kharki, Oil Carrying Vessel, Based at Devonport
Laurel, Tug and Cargo - Employed by Naval Ordnance Store Department 
Linnet, Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Defiance'.
Lucy, Tug and Cargo Vessel - Based at Devonport.
Maine, Hospital Ship - Attached to Channel Fleet temporarily.
Malta, Tug - Based at Portsmouth.
Marchwood, Screw Naval Ordnance Tug and Cargo - Based at Portsmouth.
Manly, Tug - Based at Portsmouth.
Merlin, Tug and Cargo Boat - Based at Plymouth.
Meteor, Tug - Based at Chatham.
Minx, Tank Vessel - Based at Devonport.
Monkey, Tank Vessel - Based at Malta.
Neptune, Twin Screw Tug - Based at devonport.
Nettle, Twin Screw Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Thames'.
Pelican, Special Service Vessel - Attached to Malta torpedo Depot.
Pelter, Tug and Tank - Based at Portsmouth.
Perserverance, Tug - Based at Devonport.
Pet, Special Service Vessel - Retained temporarily by Military Authorities.
Pertroleum, Oil Carrying Vessel - Based at Gibraltar.
Pigmy, Twin Screw Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Forth'.
Plumper, Tug and Cargo Boat - Employed by Naval Ordnance Store Department.
Prompt, Tug - Based at Malta.
Provider, Tank Vessel - Based at Chatham.
Prudent, Twin Screw Tug - Based at Chatham.
Ready, Twin screw Tank Vessel - Based at Bermuda.
Recovery, Mooring Vessel and Tug - Based at Devonport.
Redwing, Twin Screw Special Service Vessel - Tender to 'Vernon'.
Restless, Tug - Based at Malta.
Ripple, Iron Tank Vessel - Based at Sydney.
Robust, Tug - Completing by Messrs, Bow, McLachlan & Co.
Rover, Twin Screw Tug- Building at Chatham.
Sampson, Tug - Based at Malta.
Shamrock, Tank Vessel - Employed as Water Tank and Cooking Vessel.
Skylark, Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Vernon'.
Starling, Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Acteon'.
Stormcock, Twin Screw Special Service Vessel - Based at Haulbowline.
Supply, Tug and Tank Vessel - Based at Bermuda.
Swallow, General Skinner - Appropriated to works Department in connection with breakwater at Gibraltar.
Thistle, Twin Screw Ferry Boat - Based at Haulbowline.
Tickler, Twin screw Steam Lighter - Cape of Good Hope.
Tortoise, Tank Vessel - Based at Portsmouth.
Trusty, Tug - Based at Devonport.
Tyrian, Twin Screw Tug - Based at Sheerness
Upnor, Store Ship - Based at Woolwich.
Viper, Twin Screw Tank Vessel - Fitted for Cooking Purposes.
Volacano,  Tug - Based at Portsmouth.
Weazel, Special Service Vessel - Attached to 'Actoeon'.
List of Vessels available for Subsidiary Services, Hulks and Vessels for Sale.
Alert, Screw Sloop - Based at Bermuda.
Alexandra, Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based at E. Kyle of Bute.
Andromache, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Blackwater River.
Antelope, Torpedo Gun Boat - Based at Motherbank.
Apollo, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Motherbank.
Arrow, Twin Screw Gunboat - Tender to 'Excellent'.
Asia, 2nd Rate - Based at Portchester.
Badger, Twin Screw Gunboat - Based at Devonport.
Bann, Tank Vessel - Based at Jamaica.
Britannia, Late Training Ship - Based at Dartmouth.
Cambridge, Late Gunnery Ship - Based at Devonport.
Collingwood, Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based at E. Kyle of Bute.
Colossus, Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based at Portsmouth.
Comet, Twin Screw Gunboat - Based at Portsmouth.
Cuckoo, Twin Screw Gunboat - Based at Devonport.
Defiance, Late Screw Sloop - Attached to 'Defainace' for torpedo Instructional purposes.
Dolphin, Sailing Brig - Ordered to be fitted as a Base for Submarines.
Dreadnought, Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based in E. Kyle of Bute.
Flamingo, late Screw Gun Vessel - Coal and water Depot (Devonport).
Hero, Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based on the Holy Lock to be used as a target.
Implacable, late Training Ship for Boys - Based at Devonport.
Intrepid, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Motherbank.
Magpie, Screw Gunboat - Based at Devonport.
Martin, Sailing Brig - Tender to 'St. Vincent' as overflow ship.
Mastiff, Twin Screw Gunboat - Tender to 'Excellent'.
Medea, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Portsmouth.
Medusa, Twin Screw Cruiser, Based at Sheerness.
Melampus, Twin Screw Protected Cruiser - Based at Portsmouth.
Naiad, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at River Stour.
Odin, Twin Screw Sloop - Temporarily utilised for Drill Ship for Cape Naval Volunteer Corps.
Onyx, Twin Screw torpedo Gunboat - Based at Portsmouth.
Pactolus, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at river Stour.
Partridge, Screw Gunboat - Based at Simon's Bay.
Penelope, Late Twin Screw Battle Ship - Based at Cape of Good Hope.
Philomel, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Haulbowline.
Pike, Twin Screw Gunboat - Based at Portsmouth.
Pique, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at river Stour.
Pomone, Twin Screw - Based at River Stour.
Rainbow, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Motherbank.
Rattler, Screw Gunboat.
Retribution, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Motherbank.
Rosario, Screw Sloop - Tender for 'Defiance'.
Seaflower, Sailing Brig - Based at Portsmouth.
Snap, Twin Screw Gunboat - Based at Devonport.
Solent, (Late Submarine Mining Vessel), Special Service Vessel - Based at Hong Kong.
Spartan, Twin Screw Protected Cruiser - Based at Devonport.
Tribune, Twin Screw Cruiser - Based at Blackwater River.
Harbour Service
Actaeon, late 4th Rate - Attached to the 'Vernon'.
Actaeon II, Corvette - Tender to 'Actoeon'.
Akbar, Late 3rd Rate - Juvenile Reformatory School, Liverpool.
Arethusa, Frigate - Lent as training ship for Destitute Boys, Greenhithe.
Argo, Screw Sloop - Boom Defence at Southampton.
Azov, Screw Sloop - Boom defence at Southampton.
Briton, Late Drill Ship for Royal Naval Reserve - Based at Inverness but lent temporarily to the War Office to provide sleeping accommodation for Militia Recruits.
Bullfrog, Late Screwboat - Boom defence at Malta.
Buzzard, Twin Screw Sloop - Drill ship of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Thames.
Calcutta, Late 2nd Rate - Attached to the 'Cambridge'.
Calliope, Screw Cruiser - Lent to Tyneside Division, Royal Naval volunteer Reserve.
Carnatic, Late 3rd Rate - Floating Magazine, Naval Ordnance Department, Portsmouth.
Caroline, Late Screw Cruiser - Tender to 'Ganges'.
Challenger, Late Corvette - Used for lashing vessels alongside and for accommodating Boats Crew of Captain of Dockyard.
Circe, Late 5th Rate - Tender to 'Impregnable'.
Cleopatra, Late Screw Cruiser 3rd Class - Attached to 'Defiance' temporarily as overflow ship.
Clio, Corvette - Lent as training ship for boys to North Wales, City of Chester and Border Counties Training Ship Society at Bangor.
Conway, Screw Ship - Lent to Mercantile Marine Services Association, Liverpool.
Cornwall, Late 3rd Rate - Juvenile Reformatory, Purfleet.  Lent to School Ship Company.
Cornwallis, Late 3rd Rate - Attached to Jetty, Sheerness.
Cruiser, Sailing Sloop - to be employed as Accommodation Hulk.
Dapper, Late Screw Gunboat - Cooking Vessel, Devonport.
Don, Late Twin Screw Gunboat - Employed as Concrete Barge by works Department.
Eclipse, Late Screw Corvette - Depot for Naval Mines, Naval Ordnance Department, Plymouth.
Empress, Late Screw - Lent to the Clyde Industrial Training Ship Association.
Falcon, Screw Gun Vessel - Appropriated for New torpedo Range.
Firefly, Late Screw Gunboat - Boom defence at Malta.
Fly, Cutter - to be used as a Hulk in Plymouth Sound for accommodating Pilots, ect.
Gadfly - Late Twin Screw Gunboat - Cape of Good Hope.
Helena, Brig - Harbour Police ship at Chatham
Hercules, Screw Battle ship - floating Barracks for Dockyard emplyees.
Indefatigable, Late 4th Rate - Lent to the Committee of the Liverpool Training Ship as Training Ship in the Mersey.
Industry, Late Iron Store Ship - Boom defence at Southampton.
Lark, Sailing Sloop - Based at Malta.
Mariner, Late Screw Sloop - Boom defence at Devonport.
Mars, Late Screw - Lent as a Training Ship on the Tay to an Association at Dundee.
Melita, Late Screw Sloop - Boom defence at Southampton.
Mount Edgcumbe, Late 4th Rate - Lent to Committee of Devonport and Cornwall Industrial Training ship, Devonport.
Newcastle, Frigate - Powder Hulk Naval Ordnance Department, Plymouth.
Orestes, late Sloop - Coal Depot, Portsmouth.
Orontes, Screw Battle Ship - Uesd as Fleet Reserve Office and as Workshops for Artisan ratings.
Phaeton, Twin Screw Cruiser - for training of Stokers and Seamen.
Pique, Late 5th Rate - Lent to Port Sanitary Authority at Plymouth for Hospital purposes.
Plover, Screw Gunboat - Ordered to be fitted for Boom defence.
Rapid, Late Screw Cruiser - Used for the accommodation of workmen engaged at Gibraltar.
Reindeer, late Screw Sloop - Boom defence at Devonport.
Royalist, Late Screw Cruiser - Hulk for reception of ships crews at Haulbowline.
Sabrina, Twin Screw Gunboat - To be used as a Diving Vessel.
Satellite, Screw Cruiser - Lent to Tyne Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Slaney, Twin Screw Gunboat - Attached for Diving Duties to the Gunnery School.
Southampton, Late 4th Rate - Lent to the Hull Committee as a Training Ship at Hull.
Swinger, Late Screw Gunboat - Attached to 'Impregnable' as Store Ship.
Thunderbolt, Late Floating Battery - Attached to temporary Pier, Chatham.
Unicorn, 5th Rate - Lent to Clyde Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
Valiant, Late Screw Iron Ship - Attached to 'Blake' for duties in connection with torpedo Boats and torpedo boat Destroyers.
Vernon No II, Late Screw - Attached to 'Vernon' Portsmouth.
Vernon No III, Late Screw Cruiser - Ordered to be attached to 'Vernon' as Workshop.
Wallaroo, Twin Screw Cruiser - Attached to 'Indus' for training of Mechanicians
Warspite, Late Screw 2nd Rate - Lent to the Marine Society.
Wellesley, Late 3rd Rate - Lent to Wellesley Training Ship Committee as a Training Ship, Newcastle on Tyne.
Wivern, Late Screw Coast Defence Ship - To be fitted as a Distilling Ship and Steam Reserve Workshop for repairing T. H. Destroyers.  The Officers borne for service in 'Wivern' are shown under 'Tumar'.
Worcester, Late Screw, 2nd Rate - Lent to Thames Marine Officers Training Ship Society.
Wrangler, Late Screw Gunboat - Boom Defence at Southampton.




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Some Current Half Price Aviation Art Offers

 During the years of the German occupation of Holland in World War II, more than 20,000 Dutch civilians perished through starvation and lack of basic provisions. Operation Manna was set in motion on Sunday, 29th April 1945 when Lancasters of the Royal Air Force began the first of 2,835 sorties, dropping 6,672 tons of food, to relieve the crisis in the Netherlands.  These humanitarian missions continued until 8th May, saving many thousands of civilians from certain death by starvation and malnutrition. †Here, Lancaster 4K765, LS-Z of 15 Sqn piloted by Flying Officer Jack Darlow, releases its precious cargo over a sports field north of The Hague.  Also in the crew was Alistair Lamb the Rear Gunner.

Operation Manna by Ivan Berryman.
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 Depicting Mustang aircraft escorting Flying Fortresses on a bombing raid over Germany.

Guardian Angel by Anthony Saunders. (P)
Half Price! - £2750.00
 At 3.30am on the 23rd June 1945, a Dakota of 357 (special duties) Squadron took off from Mingaladon airfield nr.  Rangoon , to travel the 600 miles, 300 of them behind enemy lines, to rescue a downed American Liberator crew deep in the jungles of   Siam  . †The Dakota was flown by pilot Fl Lt. Larry Lewis, who already held the DFM awarded to him for 33 ops as a rear gunner on   Wellingtons  in 1941. Two crews had already failed when Lewis was asked to attempt this hazardous mission. Flying between 5,000 - 6,000ft he flew over The Hump, a ridge of mountains running down the spine of   Burma  . Local villagers had cleared a rough airstrip 800yds long with Lewis finding it by the time dawn broke. With monsoon clouds gathering, the Liberator crew aboard and the Dakota sinking in the wet ground, he managed, just, to get airborne. Flying at zero feet and looking out for Japanese Zero fighters Lewis took a different course back. Although being fired on from the ground they managed to make it all the way to the airfield at Dum Dum nr.   Calcutta ,  India  . Lewis was awarded an immediate DFC. By the end of the war he had completed 63 ops, held the rank of Squadron Leader with his service from 1938-1945, and was awarded the Air Efficiency Medal.

Larry Lewis DFC by Graeme Lothian. (P)
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 A Mosquito Mk.BIX above the clouds in late 1943.  Mosquito B.IX LR503 holds the record for the most combat missions flown by a single Allied bomber in the Second World War, serving 213 sorties.

A De Havilland Beauty by Ivan Berryman.
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 The F.4c Phantom II of Colonel Robin Olds of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing tucks the landing gear up as he blasts out of a forward airfield in January 1967.

Gear Up - Go! by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £750.00
 High above the trenches in April 1918, 74 Squadron engage the famed JG 1 led by the renowned ace baron von Richthofen in his distinctive bright red DR 1. Edward Mick mannock flying a SE5.a diving down top engage another Fokker Dr1 as the red baron flies past momentarily catching each others eyes. The new CO of 74 squadron, major Grid Caldwell MC (bar) New Zealands top ace can be seen above entering the dog fight. But it would be Mannock who would go on to great fame. with 61 confirmed victories and to win the VC, DSO (bar) and MC (bar) After 74 squadron he replaced Billy Bishop of CO 85 Squadron on the 3rd July 1918, scoring 46 victories in the Se5.a He was killed by ground fire near Lestram, France on the 26th July 1918. his Victoria Cross being gazetted on the 18th July 1919. The red baron CO of the Richthofens Flying circus didnt survive the month, also killed by ground fire on the 24th April, he was buried by the Allies with full military honours.

Dawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian.
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 With 39 confirmed victories to his credit, Major John Gilmour is also recognised as the joint highest scoring pilot on the Martinsyde G.100 Elephant, an unusual score given the poor performance of this aircraft in one-on-one combat. He was awarded the DSO, MC and 2 Bars during the course of his flying career and in 1917 was posted to 65 Squadron as Flight Commander flying Sopwith Camels. On 1st July 1918, he downed three Fokker D.VIIs, a Pfalz and an Albatros D.V in the space of just 45 minutes.  In 1918 he was promoted to the rank of major and posted to command 28 Squadron in Italy, staying with the trusty Camel, but he did not add further to his score, although his final un-confirmed total may have been as high as 44. He is depicted here claiming his second kill on 24th September 1916 when he destroyed a Fokker E.1 whilst flying Elephant No 7284.

Major John Gilmour by Ivan Berryman. (P)
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 Fw190A-4/U8 night bomber variant of SKG.10.

Focke Wulf Fw190A-4/U8†by Ivan Berryman.
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 The mighty Bismarck returns fire to the fast-approaching HMS Hood at the start of a battle that would see both adversaries tragically sunk. The Bismarck would later be attacked by Swordfish aircraft from HMS Ark Royal, damaging her stearing and allowing her to be caught by the British battleships Rodney and King George V. The once proud German battleship would be ruthlessly pounded into a twisted and burning wreck and finally finished by HMS Dorsetshire with torpedoes at around 10:30 hours on the morning of May 27th 1941. HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Maori combed the area of the sinking for survivors, between them picking up a total of 110 out of an original complement of 2,300.

Bismarck Replies to HMS Hood by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £295.00
 The view across Battleship Row, viewed from above Ford Island as the USS Nevada gallantly makes her break for the open sea, coming under heavy attack from Japanese A6M2s from the carrier Hiryu. The Nevada was eventually too badly damaged to continue and was beached to avoid blocking the harbour entrance. In the immediate foreground, the lightly damaged USS Tennessee is trapped inboard of USS West Virginia which has sunk at her moorings, leaking burning oil and hampering the daring operations to pluck trapped crew members from her decks, while just visible to the right is the stern of the USS Maryland and the capsized Oklahoma.
Attack on Pearl Harbor by Ivan Berryman
Half Price! - £20.00
 The pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, leaves Portsmouth on her way to the Fleet Review of King George V in July 1935. HMS Hood is followed by the destroyer HMS Express.

HMS Hood and HMS Express Departing from Portsmouth 1935 by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £65.00
Captain Charles Vane was born in 1680, and was an English pirate who preyed upon English and French shipping.  Vane began piracy in 1716 and lasted 3 years. Vane captured a Barbados sloop and then a large 12-gun brigantine, which he renamed the Ranger.   Vane was among the pirate captains who operated out of the Bohama at the notorious base at New Providence after the colony had been abandoned by the British.  His pirate attacks made Captain Charles Vane well known to the Royal Navy and in February of 1718 Vincent Pearse, commander of HMS Phoenix cornered Vane on his ship the Lark.  Vane  had heard of the recent royal pardons that had been offered to pirates in exchange for a guarantee they would quit plundering, so Vane claimed he had actually been en route to surrender to Pearse and accepted the pardon on the spot,  Charle Vane gained his freedom but as soon as he was free of Pearse he ignored the pardon and resumed his pirate ways.  Charles Vane was again captured and in 1721 was executed by hanging at Gallows Point, Port Royal, Jamaica on March 29th 1721.

Captain Charles Vane by Chris Collingwood.
Half Price! - £40.00

 The Dido class cruiser HMS Naiad is pictured together with the cruiser HMS Leander during the encounter with the French Guepard in 1941 whilst they were both engaged in operations against the Vichy-French forces in Syria.

HMS Naiad by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
HMS Thunderbolt by Ivan Berryman. The submarine HMS Thunderbolt moves away from the depot ship Montcalm.  Another submarine, HMS Swordfish is alongside for resupply.

HMS Thunderbolt by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £20.00
B151P. HMS Durban Escorts the Troopship RMS Queen Mary by Ivan Berryman.

HMS Durban Escorts the Troopship RMS Queen Mary by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £450.00
 The submarine depot ship HMS Maidstone is pictured off Hong Kong with a quintet of British submarines alongside for replenishment, namely (left to right) an S-class, a U-class, a T-class and two more U-class.

HMS Maidstone by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - £25.00



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Some Current Half Price Military Art Offers

DHM1330GL.  The Liberation of Basra by the 7th Armoured Brigade, 6th April 2003 by David Rowlands.
The Liberation of Basra by the 7th Armoured Brigade, 6th April 2003 by David Rowlands (GL)
Half Price! - £280.00
French Dragoons charge a Prussian position during the Franco Prussian war.
The Charge by Alphonse de Neuville.
Half Price! - £25.00
 After an unsuccessful attempt to invade Britain the previous year, Caesar returned in force. Included among his large ranks was one Indian elephant, a beast unknown to his enemy, and as it transpired a dramatic psychological weapon which succeeded in breaching the Britons defensive position on the River Thames.

Julius Caesar Crossing the Thames, Summer 54BC by David Pentland. (GS)
Half Price! - £250.00
<b>Ex-display prints in near perfect condition. </b>

The Battle of Kulm by Carl Rochling. (Y)
Half Price! - £20.00

 This was the Austrians fourth attempt to relieve their besieged garrison of Mantua.
The Battle of Rivoli by Carl Vernet. (Y)
Half Price! - £30.00
Rome AD52, Gladiatorial Combat under the eyes of the Emperor Claudius (actual name, Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero) a great supporter of the games. Seen are the Net and Trident fighter Retiarius matched with a more heavily armed Mirmillone, whilst in the background a successful Secutor seeks permission for the killing stroke.

Morituri Te Saluttant (For Those About to Die Salute You) by Chris Collingwood (GL)
Half Price! - £395.00
 This, my personal interpretation of the viking period attempts to highlight aspects of their rich and diverse culture. A superstitious and pagan society, their influence was felt far beyond their native Scandinavia. 1 . The upper background deals with their pagan worship and tales from their mythology. This is represented by Odin & Thor, their principal Gods along with the saga of Sigurd the Dragonslayer. 2. The dominant figure at the centre is Aegir, God of the Sea whose goodwill was all important to the seafaring Viking. The scene now comes into the real world of their ships and seamanship, expertise for which they had no peer. 3. The extension of their seafaring was to raid, trade and pillage foreign shores, resulting in colonisation and settlement, with scant respect for Christianity or the Church. They ventured still further, exploring the unknown world, this is suggested in the two lower corners. 4. In England, the only King to successfully rise up against these Norsemen was Alfred the Great, a Saxon, represented in the lower centre drawing his sword from a swamp. This symbolises the raising of his army from the marshes of Wessex. Their legacy remains with us today, in language and art.

The Vikings by Brian Wood. (Y)
Half Price! - £360.00
 M2A4 and M3 tanks of A Company, 1st US Marine Tank Battalion. move out from Henderson Field to support the perimeter from Japanese attacks.

Guadalcanal by David Pentland. (Y)
Half Price! - £295.00



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DHM1480. Jenson Button 2004 BAR 006 by Ivan Berryman.
Jenson Button 2004 BAR 006 by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £50.00
A montage of moments from the outstanding Welsh 6 Nation Championship Grand Slam Victory of 2005.
The Perfect Year - Wales Grand Slam Champions 2005 by Darren Baker. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
 TWR Jaguar XJR 9LM - Winner of the 1988 Le Mans.  The car in this image is shown at maximum speed on the Mulsanne Straight (240mph)  Drivers: Jan Lammers, Johnny Dumfries and Andy Wallace.  This was the first win for Jaguar since 1957.  Previous victories at Le Mans were in 1951 and 1953 with C types and in 1955, 1956 and 1957 with D types.  Jaguar also won Le Mans in 1990 with the XJR 12LM.
Top Cat by Graham Bosworth.
Half Price! - £24.00

Legends of English Football by Robert Highton - Gold Edition. (Y)
Half Price! - £248.00

 Valentino Rossi at speed on his Repsol Honda.
Rossi at Speed by Derrick Mark.
Half Price! - £25.00
 Eddie Irvine and Johnny Herbert.  Jaguar Cosworth R1s

Return of the Cat by Michael Thompson
Half Price! - £25.00

Michael Atherton by Keith Fearon.
Half Price! - £70.00
 Highbury legend David Seamans glittering career has made him one of the most popular players in the modern game. David has won two FA Cups, two English titles and a European Cup Winners Cup as well as being an ever present in the England side winning over 60 caps. Davids remarkable penalty saves in Euro 96, when England so nearly reached the final, made him Englands player of the year and fittingly David was awarded a testimonial for his loyal service to Arsenal at the end of the 2001 campaign.

David Seaman by Robert Highton. (Y)
Half Price! - £52.50

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